baltic deco planner

technical decompression dive planning for the iPhone

Oct 22nd 2013

1.0 is released.

  • iOS7 UI
Apr 3rd 2013

0.9.828 is released.

  • Fixes ticket:65, surface interval not saved when changed.
Nov 29th 2012

0.9.826 is released. 0.9.825 had some bugs that caused crashes on older versions of iOS. It also did not properly save some changes to dive plans. The generated plans were correct, but it did not always use the settings (eg. Last Stop Depth) displayed. This was due to inadequate testing on older devices and changes done to support iOS6.

  • Fixes crashes on startup.
  • Fixes saving changes to dive plans.
  • Add notes to dive plans/
Nov 6th 2012

After some delay, 0.9.825 is released.

  • iPhone5 and iOS6 compatibility.
  • VPM-B/GFS support.
  • Minor UI fixes.
January 24th 2012 is out. It fixes a bug were deleting a deco gas didn't update the plan immediately.

Also some changes to the contingency planning. If you have a multilevel dive with different gases, eg.

  • 10min at 45msw with 25/25
  • 10min at 25msw with EAN32
  • O2 for deco
This will give you a plan ala ;
  • 45msw 18:30min 25/25
  • 25msw 30min EAN32
  • 9msw 1min EAN32
  • 6mws 12min O2
You can now tap the EAN32 as lost gas (anything but the first used gas can be lost now) and it will show you the plan with the same levels, but without EAN32 ;
  • 45msw 18:30min 25/25
  • 25msw 30min 25/25
  • 9msw 9min 25/25
  • 6mws 15min O2
Or you can tap the 45msw level, pick Bail and it will depart from 45msw, skip the EAN32 level and not use it unless you've added it as deco gas. The resulting plan is then ;
  • 45msw 18:30min 25/25
  • 15msw 1min 25/25
  • 12msw 3min 25/25
  • 9msw 3min 25/25
  • 6msw 8min O2
If you add EAN32 as a decogas from 25msw to the original plan ;
  • 10min at 45msw with 25/25
  • 10min at 25msw with EAN32
  • EAN32 from 25msw as deco
  • O2 from 6msw as deco
and bail from 45msw level, it will make the plan for bailing form 45msw, but still with EAN32 from 25msw ;
  • 45msw 18:30min 25/25
  • 25msw EAN32
  • 21msw 1min EAN32
  • 18msw 1min EAN32
  • 15msw 1min EAN32
  • 12msw 3min 25/25
  • 9msw 2min 25/25
  • 6msw 8min O2
This shold make a lot of contingency planning simpler. There's still some room for improvement for plans with a lot levels, eg. plans that mimick a slow descent/ascent following the contour of a place.
June 22nd 2011 is release out, fixes a minor bug in the UI where changing the OC Deco RMV wasn't saved unless you also changed the bottom RMV.

June 13th 2011

0.9.8 is release out, the crash (iOS 4.3 + lite edition) has been fixed. Also includes a new feature for quickly generation deeper & longer plans.

June 3rd 2011

Apparently there's some issues on iOS 4.3 devices (which means all iPads), particularly with the Lite edition. I'm working on a fix and should have it out Real Soon Now. It will also have a few new features.

July 10th 2010

We're almost done with the 0.9.7 release. We've delayed it a bit to finish some more testing and add hi-res icons for the iPhone 4G users.

July 1st 2010

The 0.9.7 release is coming up, and it has a lot of UI tweaks and fixes, plus addresses the memory leak that slows down the app on iPhone 3G devices. Along with this release, we'll also ship a free version for nitrox divers!